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Wireless access is available to any NSCC visitor in most of the campus courtyards and interior lounges. Anyone can surf any web site in the Seattle Community College District if they have a laptop and an 802.11b wireless card.

Full Internet access is now available to All NetID Accountholders.

Wireless Access FAQ

Q: What is the 'wireless network,' and who can use it?

The wireless network allows anyone who is on campus with a properly equipped laptop to access district web sites such as the NSCC web site as well as other web sites in the Seattle Community College district.

Full access to the internet (anything outside the district web sites) is available to all NetID account holders. In order to get full internet access, wireless users will be asked to verify their status by logging in to their 'NSCC NetID'.

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Q: What do I need to start using wireless at NSCC?

The first step is having the proper equipment:
  • A laptop
  • An 802.11b wireless network card.
  • A properly installed web browser or other network application
Software Settings
Next, you need to configure your computer for wireless access.

Note: The following set up is not likely to interfere with settings for your home DSL, cable modem or dial up Internet connections. However, if your laptop is set up to use wireless networks other than the NSCC wireless network, the following instructions may interfere with those settings. In any case, NSCC IT Services advises that you note the changes you make to your system so you can restore any settings if necessary.

  1. Configure your TCP/IP software to use the 802.11b hardware ( may look like an "Ethernet" device to the system ).
  2. Configure to use DHCP to obtain an IP address.
  3. Configure to make connections to "ANY" 802.11b network available, or specify "NSCC-AP" (no quotes) network.
  4. Configure to NOT use "WEP" encryption on the wireless connection.
  1. In the Windows XP Wireless Network Connection settings, you must select the "Allow me to connect to the selected wireless network even though it is not secure" setting after selecting the NSCC-AP network.
    View of XP Window

Once you have finished configuring your computer, simply start up a browser and you can access local web sites. If you would like to access the internet, or access any files in your NSCC NetID, you must be prepared to log in to the wireless network.

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Q: Where can I expect wireless access on the NSCC campus?

The yellow-colored areas indicate where you can expect wireless access at NSCC.

Full Map of NSCC Campus depicting Wireless Access Areas. See list of areas below.

The areas with best wireless coverage are:

We expect to be able to provide access to the large plaza atop the Arts and Sciences and Technology Buildings by late Fall 2009.

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Q: How do I login to the Wireless Network?

To login and get full access on the wireless network, you must be a NetID account holder.

Next, you must create your NSCC NetID. Any registered student, NSCC faculty member, or NSCC staff member are eligible for NSCC NetID.

As soon as you attempt to access a web site outside of the SCCD, you will be redirected to a login page. You can cause the login page by trying to access any outside web site.

You can then log in using the same login and password that was used on your NSCC NetID. Upon logging in, you will be automatically be allowed to access off-campus web sites.

If you are having trouble logging into the Wireless network even though you have a valid NetID, make sure you re-read the setup instructions. Wireless assistance will be available by appointment only. See 'Who Can I Contact for Wireless Access'.

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Q: How do I create my NSCC NetID?

You can create your NSCC NetID account by visiting the NSCC NetID Account Creation web site. Follow the instructions under "How do I create my NSCC NetID account?" on the NSCC NetID FAQ.

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Q: How do I get my password reset if I forget it?

The login and password used for wireless access is actually your NSCC NetID. See How do I get my NetID password reset if I forget it? on the NSCC NetID FAQ.

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Q: What sites can I access without logging in?

If you DO NOT have a wireless logon, you CAN access any site within the Seattle Community College District including the Online Services.

Some example sites are:
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Q: Is using the wireless network different than being in the computer labs?

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Q: Are there special security risks using the wireless network?

Just like the Internet, accessing any public network has its risks. The NSCC Wireless network uses encryption only when you log in to your NSCC NetID account. Other services that provide secure transmission -like access to Online Services or select mail accounts - will continue to be secure on a wireless network. However, the level of security of your transactions, files on your harddrive and general web surfing will depend on the level of security precautions you have taken with your computer.

IT Services recommends that you avoid using peer-to-peer software (like Kazaa, Morpheus, etc), that you turn off file sharing on your Operating System, and that you purchase and use an antivirus program which provides regular updates.

You are also responsible for reading through and understanding the Electronics Information Resources policy. This policy governs use not only of the wireless network, but of all district electronic information resources.

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Q: Who can I contact for help with wireless access?

For wireless assistance 8:00am-6:00pm, Monday through Friday, contact:
  John Hagans: 206-526-0166,
  Paul Piecuch: 206-526-7803,

In most cases, advance notice is requested. Once you have an appointment, office locations are available on the Computing Help page.

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