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Since the NetID covers so many services, trying to identify a problem and know where to go to get if fixed can be difficult. The following page will cover some of the more common problems, ways to identify the cause, and how to get help.

Account Creation

If you are having trouble creating your account, double check the following:

If you meet the above criteria, and are still unable to create your NetID then there may be a technical problem in creating your account -- or -- you already have an account in the sytem.

To get help, you will need to visit the Open Computer Lab and ask for NetID help. Be sure to bring your Student ID (or some form of picture ID and your Student ID number). If you previously had a NetID, be sure to let the Computer Lab staff know.
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Account Access

You created your account, and maybe even used your NetID before when suddenly you can't access one particular service-- or all services:

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Anything Else?

More help is available by topic under the Services menu to the left.

If that does not cover your area of concern, visit the Open Computer Lab for help or send an email to the Webmaster.

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