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All students with a NetID will have access to a web account. This account is accessed through the 'www' directory in the NetID storage space. If you wish to create a web site, simply drop the finished pages in the 'www' directory and the site will be available on the Internet.

Web Site Space FAQ

Q: How do I upload my web site?

Access to your web space is through your NetID storage space. Once you are in your storage space, you will see a directory (folder) labelled 'www'. Any web page you put inside the 'www' directory will become available on your web site. The web page named 'index.htm' or 'index.html' will become your homepage.

For instructions on how to access your storage space, visit the Storage Space page.

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Q: How do I make a web page?

The web space is provided as a service to students who wish to create web pages on their own, or are required to create web pages as part of their class. NSCC's IT Services does not provide instruction on how to create web pages.

If you are really interested in learning how to create a web page, we recommend taking the IT 111 course - Internet Web Authoriing using XHTML. This will teach you the basics of building and uploading a web page. It is a 5-credit class and is usually offered as both a traditional on-campus class and as an online distance learning class. Visit the Quarterly Class Schedule to see the current offerings.

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Q: What is the URL (web address) for my web site?

Your web site will appear on the 'students' web server. So your web address will be '<netid>/

For example:
If your NetID is
then your web address will be

Note that you will need to have your home page named 'index.html' in order to have the web site automatically display.

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Q: How long will I be able to keep this web site?

Your web site is part of your NetID account. Your NetID account is available quarter-to-quarter as long as you enroll every quarter. If you do not enroll for one quarter, your NetID account-- including your web site-- may be deleted from the server.

Additionally, student access is only available during the academic quarter. While your web site is still available to the public during quarter breaks, you may not have access to the account as upgrades and maintenance are preformed on NetID services. That may include possible downtime for the student web server.

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Q: How much space do I have for my web site?

As the web space is part of your NetID account, then there is no specific web space limit. However, your NetID account as a whole is limited to 100MB, and your web space is only a part of that. So if you do not use any other space in your NetID account, you can technically create a 100MB web site, but that would leave you no room for your storage space.

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