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  1. Download the latest non-beta version of the fugu installer from the University of Michigan's Fugu site. On most systems, the installer will automatically decompress and display the license agreement. The license agreement looks like this:
    Fugu License screen.

  2. Read the License Agreement and click on the "Agree" button.

  3. A 'Fugu' folder will open. Drag the Fugu icon to your Application folder. The fugu icon looks like this:
    Fugu's fish icon

  4. Fugu is installed.

As an added convenience you can drag the Fugu icon from the Applications folder to the dock.

If the Fugu is successfully installed, you can close all open folders and move all the remaining Fugu files on your desktop into the trash.

If you have successfully installed Fugu, you can move on to How to Use Fugu.