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While the NSCC NetID does provide a large number of services, it doesn't do everything. There are some other NSCC services that provide computer-related services with their own login and password and their own support. If you are trying to find support for a campus account, and have not found the information on this NetID site, then check the list below.

Online Services and the Student ID/PIN

The most commonly used login and password on campus is the Student ID (also referred to as the 'SID') and PIN (Personal Identification Number). Everyone that applies to NSCC is issued a Student ID. It is a 9-digit number (no letters).

The SID/PIN are used to access the 'Student Online Services', most of which are linked from the Online Services web page. The services that require SID/PIN are:
  • Register/Add/Drop Classes;
  • Confirm your Registration Appointment;
  • Look Up Your Schedule;
  • Waitlist Inquiry and Update;
  • Look Up Your Grades;
  • Get an Unofficial Transcript;
  • Do Your Own Degree Audit;
  • Check Your Financial Aid Status;
  • Update Your Address, Email and Phone;
  • Pay Tuition and
  • PIN Change.

Help: For help with the Online Services or SID and PIN, read through the Online Services Help located at the bottom of the Online Services page. This will walk you through a number of questions and checkpoints to help you solve the problem you are having with your SID, PIN or the Online Services themselves.

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Distance Courseware Systems and Class Web Sites

Courseware Systems: WebCT, FirstClass, Blackboard

NSCC uses three different courseware systems for distance learning classes: WebCT, FirstClass, and Blackboard. Faculty choose which system will work best for them and their students. However, Distance Learning has set up a troubleshooting page for students who know which courseware system they are using, but have trouble accessing it: Visit Courseware Info and Troubleshooting.

If you know you are having trouble accessing or trouble with a Distance Learning class and you aren't sure which courseware system if any you are using, then your questions should be directed to the Distance Learning Office.

Distance Learning Class Web Sites

If you are enrolled in a Distance Learning class and want to know how to start and access the class, visit the Distance Learning Registered Students page.

If you have started your Distance Learning class, but have forgotten the web address, you should contact your instructor directly. If you do not have the contact information for your instructor, you can get that by following these instructions:

  1. Visit the Distance Learning Registered Students page.
  2. Choose the correct quarter and follow the link to the schedule page. Then find your course from list of courses.
  3. Each course has a link next to it: one link says "Learn More" and the other link says "Start Class." Follow the "Start Class" link on the right. This will bring you to a list of information for your class including web site and faculty contact information.

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