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Q: What is the NSCC NetID account and why do I need one?

What is the NSCC NetID account?
The NSCC NetID account is a login and password that students will need to access computers in classrooms and labs as well as provide 100MB of disk storage space.

The NSCC NetID will provide the following services:

Why do I need the NSCC NetID?
This change in computer access is due to a number of different factors. Washington state security standards now require network login authentication (like your NSCC NetID login and password) for computers as a level of network security. This system also allows the college to provide the same level of service with limited staffing.

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Q: How do I create my NSCC NetID account?

First, you need to be eligible for an account. Anyone who has registered for a class is eligible to create a NetID account. You must have already paid your tuition and fees for the account creation to work. Please allow at least 24 hours after the fee has been paid for the system to update and allow you create your new NetID.

You will need to access the NSCC NetID Account Creation web site listed below in order to set up your account. Since most computers on campus will now require that you already have the NSCC NetID in order to use them, you have a few options:

Visit the NSCC NetID Account Creation Page
Choose 'Create NetID.'
After you read through the acceptable use policy, you will be asked to fill out an information form. Just follow the instructions to create your account.

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Q: Where will I need to use this account?

You will need to use this account on most computers in the classrooms, computer labs and select computers in the NSCC library. Visit the Lab/Classroom Account FAQ for more information.

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Q: How do I log in with the NSCC NetID?

When you sit at a campus computer that requires a login, there will be a login dialog box on screen. Enter the username and password that you chose when you created your account.

Once logged in, you will have access to all software on the computer, to the Internet and to your personal 100MB disk space. Any documents or files that you want to be able to access from home or from other computers will need to be saved to your personal disk space on the 'i: drive'.
Read 'How do I save files to my personal 100MB disk space?' or 'Can I access the files in this account when I'm at home?'

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Q: Why is it so important to logout when I'm done?

It is extremely important that you follow two guidelines regarding logging out when using your NSCC NetID account:
  1. Always logout when you are finished using a computer.
  2. Never login to another computer before you have logged off of another one you were using.

These two guidelines are especially important for Windows users. If you leave your workstation logged into your account and you walk away, anyone can walk up to the computer and potentially damage your files, or conduct illegal activities on the Internet (hacking, file-sharing, spamming, etc.) while logged into your account.

Additionally, if you neglect to logout, or have more than one concurrent login session (logged in on more than one computer using your NSCC NetID login and password), the files that you have stored in your 100MB personal storage may be compromised.

Always log out from your account if you will be away from the keyboard for any period of time.

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Q: How do I get my password reset if I forget it?

You must come in person to the IB3303 Open Computer Lab and speak to a staff member to request that your password be reset. You must show the staff member a valid picture ID to verify your identity in order to have your password reset.

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Q: Will my old NetID still work?

If you have been enrolled continously as an NSCC student, your same NetID will be available to you quarter after quarter. Your NetID login and password will remain the same as long as you have taken a class that requires the CL (Computer Lab) fee, and all tuition and fees are paid by the 10th day of the quarter.

If you are unsure if you have an old NetID account in your name, or you have an old NetID but cannot remember the password, please read the instruction for Returning Students under 'Create Your NetID'.

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Q: How do I save files to my personal 100MB disk space?

Instructions for saving files to your 100MB disk space will vary depending on whether you are accessing from a Mac or Windows PC, from an on-campus computer, a wireless connection, or from off-campus. For full instructions, visit the Storage Space FAQ.

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Q: Can I access the files in this account when I'm at home?

Students can access files in their 100MB personal storage space from home. To access these files in your personal disk storage from home you will need to download and install an SCP (Secure Copy Program) tool. SCP provides a secure encrypted tunnel to copy your files.

Please visit the NSCC NetID Remote Access page to set up your computer.

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Q: How long will this account last? What happens to the files in this account and my email address at the end of the quarter?

Your account is available for the quarter you're enrolled. At the end of the quarter access may be disabled unless you are already enrolled for the next quarter. However, availability during breaks is not guaranteed. It is strongly recommended that you back up any data in your account PRIOR to the last day of the quarter.

For example: If you first enroll in Fall quarter, your NetID account created for fall quarter should remain intact until the 11th day of Winter quarter. Starting the 11th day, if that student has not enrolled in winter quarter classes, the NetID account along with all files inside the storage space will be deleted.

Enrollment will be monitored throughout the quarter as well. So starting the 11th day of the quarter, if students drop out of their class or fail to pay their tuition and fees, their account can be terminated and files deleted.

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Q: How is the NSCC NetID different from the Student ID and PIN that I use now?

The NSCC NetID is used for access to campus computers in computer classrooms and labs, and to access a personal storage drive.

Your Student ID and PIN are used to access online services like grades, transcripts, registering for classes and waitlists and other campus services.

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Q: What are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for the following:

Applicable WA State Laws:
You should also be familiar with these State of Washington laws which would apply to your college-supported computer use when:

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) - Laws enacted by the Washington State Legislature
RCW 9a.52.110 - Computer trespass in the first degree.
RCW 42.52.180 - Use of public resources for political campaigns.
RCW 42.56.070 - Documents and indexes to be made public.
RCW 42.52.160 - Use of persons, money, or property for private gain.

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