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Faculty Computer Login with your NSCC NetID

Q: How do I see my NetID Web Page?

The URL is of the form Username.

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Q: How do I publish content there?

Anything you place in the www folder in your I: drive appears on the web. It's really that simple.

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Q: How much space do I get?

The www folder counts against your 100MB NetID limit.

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Q: Can I run scripts, PHP, Server-Side dynamic content, a database?


If you have more advanced needs, it is possible that we can accomodate you on one of our other servers. Contact Sam Bayne if you need anything like this.

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Q: I have a preferred web publishing tool, like Frontpage or Dreamweaver. How do I use it with this web space?

Frontpage: File-->Open Site... select I:/www, answer yes to the dialog about putting up Frontpage bookkeeping files. Be advised that many features of Frontpage depend on Server-Side components. These components are NOT present on the server. Frontpage can still be used as a nice html editor, however.

Dreamweaver: We're still experimenting with Dreamweaver, however theoretically on a Mac (with Dreamweaver 2004 MX) you could set up a Dreamweaver site profile using sftp transfers. On Windows you should be able to set up a site profile using the "Local/Network" access method. We do NOT support ftp tunneling on this space.

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Q: I have a Mac. How do I use this resource?

Just as with your home directory, you access it via sftp. Remote access instructions here.

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Q: When I go to my webspace in a browser, I see a directory listing. I would like an actual web page to show up instead. How do I accomplish this?

The server will display a directory listing unless there is an 'index file' present. Any file named on the list below will be displayed in preference to the listing:

  1. index.html
  2. index.htm
  5. Index.html
  6. Index.htm

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Q: How do I restrict content to only some people?

This can be set up for you. Contact the IT Services Call Center at x3630 to request it. Be prepared to provide your NetID username, the files or directory you wish to protect, and the credentials(username and password) you wish to set. Note that these credentials will traverse unsound networks unencrypted. This method will keep most people out , but should not be considered highly secure.

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