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Quick Start

  1. Download Filezilla.
  2. Download the NSCC XML file.
  3. Run Filezilla. Leave all default settings, EXCEPT for the 'General Settings' We recommend you change that to 'Use Secure Mode'.
  4. When installation is done, Move the NSCC XML file into the same folder that FileZilla was installed to (usually c:\program files\FileZilla unless you chose something else).

Detailed Instructions

  1. Download the supported version of the Filezilla. Download this fileto your harddrive somewhere that you can find it, like your desktop.

  2. Save the NSCC XML File that contains the NSCC settings for Filezilla. Right click and choose "Save Target As" (or "Save Link Target As") to download filezilla.xml. Save it with the installer file above.

  3. Run the Filezilla Installer Double click on the Filezilla installer that you downloaded in step 1. This will start the Filezilla installation process. Select a language and click 'OK'.

  4. Read the License Agreement and click on the "I Agree" box. To comply with this license, we have made the source code available here. You do not need the source code to run the program.

  5. On "Choose Components", leave it unchanged ("Standard" setting) and click "Next".

  6. Choose an Installation Location You now need to select a destination folder where the program will be installed. We suggest that you use the default location that Filezilla automatically recommends.

    IMPORTANT! Write down the location of this destination folder. You will need it later in the installation. Choose "Next" to continue.
    "Choose Location" dialogue box.

  7. If you want a shortcut added to your start menu, choose where you would like the shortcut to appear, or just choose "Next".

  8. On 'General Settings" you need to change the default setting. Choose "Use secure mode", (leave "Use XML file" the same) then click "Install " to start the installation.
    "General Settings" dialogue box.

  9. Once install has completed, click the close button.

  10. IMPORTANT: Move the NSCC XML file ( filezilla.xml that you downloaded in Step 2) to the same destination folder that the installer installed to (the installation location in Step 6). The xml file contains the information necessary to aid in your connection to the NetID.

Did the installation work? To check, find the new shortcut to Filezilla on your desktop and double click it. Which screen shot does it look like?

Display if program has been properly installed. If it looks like this(left), everything worked properly. The filezilla.xml file was moved to the correct Filezilla folder. You are now ready to connect to your account.
Display if last step of moving xml file was missed. If it looks like this(left), then you did not complete the last step properly. Your filezilla.xml file was not moved to the Filezilla folder that was created by the install. Please try the last step again.
Installer Language screen If it looks like this(left), then you have clicked on the wrong thing. You have clicked on the installer (to start installing FileZilla) instead of clicking on the actual FileZilla program. To find the Filezilla program, look for a new icon on the desktop. It will have a small arrow in the corner indicating it is a shorcut to a program.

If the FileZilla 'exe' and FileZilla.xml files are still on your desktop, you may now delete them.

If you have successfully installed FileZilla, you can move on to How to Use FileZilla.