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To follow this tutorial, you must already be running Fugu. If you have not yet installed Fugu, follow the instructions on How To Install Fugu.
  1. Start Fugu.

  2. The login screen will appear. Below the Fugu icon(the fish), type in '' and your personal NetID and click the connect button.

  3. The first time you connect, you will receive a message that "the authenticity of host can't be established." Verify that the fingerprint is:
    ssh-rsa 1024 27:7a:39:54:b2:7d:11:57:45:50:0d:a6:6e:ff:06:63
    If it is, then click 'Yes.' If the fingerprint does not match, then do NOT connect.

  4. You will be prompted for your password. Put in your NetID password.

  5. You should now be connected and see a screen like this:
    The left side is your local computer (the computer you are sitting in front of).
    The right side is your 100MB personal storage space.
    Example screen of Fugu connected and working properly.

To Copy Files

To copy files or folders, drag them from one side to the other.

To upload files from your computer to your 100MB personal storage space, drag them to the right. You can drag files from the left to the right, or you can drag files from your desktop or computer folders directly to Fugu.

To download files from your 100MB personal storage space, you will drag files from the right to the left.


Because of how the accounts are created on the NSCC NetID, Fugu cannot download entire directories (folders). You must download files individually or in groups. (It will let you upload directories).